As the first level for high-Quality Holiday Housing refers to the general context of a property, the island of Kea -where Christos Vlachos focuses his architecture, development and real-estate activities- bears all these qualitative characteristics that constitute an adequate field for setting High-Quality Holiday Housing.

High-Quality factors referring to the general context of a property
Kea’s high-Quality factors referring to the general context of a property

  • low time-distances to significant destinations (airports, museums)
    close proximity to Athens and its infrastructure
  • reliable, safe and affordable transport
    multiple daily ship transports, efficient road coverage on Kea, helicopter access (lying opposite from the port of Lavrion, which bears high harbouring facilities, Kea is an –internationally recognized- ideal destination for yachts and boats)
  • high possibilities of communication and telecommunication
    available up-to-date technology in all fields of communication
  • specified uses of land
    characterized settlements and allowed privileged out-of-settlement housing
  • appropriate climate conditions for the intended use
    mild island Mediterranean climate during the whole year