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Christos Vlachos is a distinguished Greek architect and developer who was born in Athens and studied at the Polytecnico di Milano Architecture School. His work focuses on residential projects.

Focusing on residential buildings, his architectural work is chracterized by his constant oversight of his buildings from the architectual concept up until the construction of every design feature

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Kea, The Island

Kea (Greek: Κέα) is a stunning island in the Aegean. It is also known as Tzia (Greek: Τζιά)

Marking the boundary between the Aegean archipelago and the gulf of Evia, Kea forms a natural link between mainland Greece and the Cyclades. Of all of the islands in the Cyclades group, it is the closest to Athens.

As one of the largest islands in the group, Kea is highly accessible, but it also offers the character and intimacy of a small Greek island. Its unparallel natural beauty blends uniquely with distinguished architecture and archaeological monuments that bear witness to Kea’s long and rich history. In the unique oak-forest one can find the rare oak basilica.