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NAME: Kea (also known as Tzia) belongs to Cycladic islands’ complex
AREA: 132 km²
CLIMATE: mild Mediterranean
TERRAIN: hilly, numerous gulfs & bay
POPULATION: around 2500



Kea (Greek: Κέα) is a stunning island in the Aegean. It is also known as Tzia (Greek: Τζιά)

Marking the boundary between the Aegean archipelago and the gulf of Evia, Kea forms a natural link between mainland Greece and the Cyclades. Of all of the islands in the Cyclades group, it is the closest to Athens.

As one of the largest islands in the group, Kea is highly accessible, but it also offers the character and intimacy of a small Greek island. Its unparallel natural beauty blends uniquely with distinguished architecture and archaeological monuments that bear witness to Kea’s long and rich history. In the unique oak-forest one can find the rare oak basilica.

With its Cycladic beauty, imposing landscapes and wonderful beaches, Kea is an earthly paradise. Picturesque ancient paths, that exist over 2500 years and interconnect the ancient Tetrapolis, crisscross the island creating beautiful routes as wild hills give way to meadows, which lead to small coves and secluded shores offering fine swimming and exclusive yachting. The sheer variety of the scenery creates a dream-like, harmonious whole and a truly unique Greek holiday housing destination.

The beauties of the island do not only lie on its terrestrial surface. There is a remarkable seabed, which is rich and protected. Even J.Cousteau mentioned that Kea’s seabed is one of the best he had seen. Apart from the submarine beauties, the wreck of Britannic –the “biggest brother” of Titanic- lies in the waters of Kea.

The gentle attitude of the local people added to the natural and historical environment of the island creates a powerful combination.



  • low time-distances to significant destinations (airports, museums)
    close proximity to Athens and its infrastructure 
  • reliable, safe and affordable transport
    multiple daily ship transports, efficient road coverage on Kea, helicopter access (lying opposite from the port of Lavrion, which bears high harbouring facilities, Kea is an –internationally recognized- ideal destination for yachts and boats) 
  • high possibilities of communication and telecommunication
    available up-to-date technology in all fields of communication 
  • specified uses of land
    characterized settlements and allowed privileged out-of-settlement housing 
  • appropriate climate conditions for the intended use
    mild island Mediterranean climate during the whole year
  • security
    the fact that Kea is a -relatively small- island guarantees highest degree of security 
  • vivid but quiet neighbourhood
    “live alone together” conditions 
  • witness of history
    magnificent archaeological sites and historic paths 
  • efficient disposable infrastructure
    existence of all needed infrastructure 
  • proximity to green spaces and natural beauties
    numerous elements of significant interest and spots of recreation, beaches and forests 
  • proximity to efficient markets
    locally made quality foods and goods 
  • sport, gaming and entertainment facilities
    yacht races, existence of efficient sport’ infrastructure, vivid night-life 
  • proximity to social infrastructure
    availability of health centers and infrastructure for social life 
[ for those who prefer more privacy ]


Koundouros, which was called Nirissos,

 (Greek: Νηρησσός) in the ancient times, is a coastal settlement that lies 14 kilometers southwest of the main town of Ioulida (Greek: Ιουλίδα). 


was the harbor-settlement of ancient Piiessa (Greek: Ποιήεσσα), one of the four cities of ancient Tetrapolis with more than 2.500 years of history.

It is noted for the unspoiled natural beauty of its landscape

 and the fact that it is sheltered from the prevailing north summer winds. For this reason, the bay that bears the same name, with the wonderful beaches and clean waters, attracts many of the holiday makers and yacht users.

On the south side of Koundouros,

at Kampi, one can find small, sheltered coves that are ideal for those who prefer more privacy.